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Kim Jaejoong – “I’m worried that the atmosphere at the filming set of Boss is too good”, Why?

Kim Jaejoong’s first domestic drama ‘Protect the Boss’ is a romantic comedy in which, the heroine, who was struggling with unemployment, after much vicissitudes, gets a job as a part-time secretary for the hero, a delinquent boss of a conglomerate.

In this drama Kim Jaejoong plays Cha MuWon, the Prince of Financial World who has powerful capabilities. He is proficient in business and gentle but also cold and cool-headed. He may have his mysterious side but when he encounters his older cousin, he can also show his childishly innocent side.



Regarding the fact that the character is slightly different with the image he has shown, in response to the question “Isn’t the character a little different from you?” he chuckled while saying, “Do you know me?” Thanks to his unique personality, this interview, or rather, this teatime, passed without knowing its boundaries. He explained his character, “I’m a little funny” “Cha MuWon is a character that even the person close to him can’t understand. He knows everything in this world and is very insightful. He’s also rich in knowledge.”

Also “About the difference: First, I’m not a prince. I’m rather down-to-earth while he seems to be too refined. He has an extreme air of nobleness. I think he’s a little different with me in the way he conducts his business and also in his neat and efficient actions. It seems that I don’t have such an aristocratic side. However, we have the same appearance”.

Regarding the tight filming schedule that he must live with for the next few months, he expressed a determined resolution, “I’m prepared for that and my stamina is still plentiful. Yoochun continuously tells me that I’m going to suffer, that I won’t be able to sleep”.

Luckily, the atmosphere at the filming set is extremely good. Especially, Ji Sung, Park YoungKyu and others are very mindful of him. They treat each other meals and snacks. Also, recently Jaejoong came to play with Ji Sung and slept over his place. Main actress Choi KangHee also takes care of the youngest actor by sometimes sending message to ask after him.

As for the congeniality of the filming set, Kim Jaejoong repeated many times, “It’s so good that I’m worried”. He disclosed, “This is my first time to appear in domestic drama but I can work with such awesome staffs and actors, what to do if I don’t have a chance like that in my next drama? If you start with good thing, how hard will it be in the future?”

Then he added, “I think that I’m lucky. I was so lucky while filming Japanese drama too. Among the actors who work together, if the coordination or the membership is not good, the drama can’t come out well. But [in my case] it’s very good. We’re really like a family.”

Ji Sung, who plays the playful and delinquent chaebol Cha JiHun, told Kim Jaejoong, “I’ll take all ‘wrecking’ parts, all the glory is yours.” But Kim Jaejoong expressed his thoughts, “Although my character is very cool, Cha JiHun is also attractive. Therefore I don’t have the confidence to appeal to Choi KangHee-sshi later”.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I had no desire to be leading actor, it’s the same for now. I think that what is important is how well you can bring the character to life. I want to be acknowledged first as an actor who can bring the character to life with relish. I’m not ambitious to take charge of leading role.”

Source: Newsen
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Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong, How Did They Become So Friendly?


“The first night, we slept together just in our underwear.”
Actor Ji Sung revealed the long story of the first time he met with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, and how he was able to get along very well with Jaejoong. On July 21st Ji Sung had an interview with Star News and said, “Before shooting of the drama, the actors and the crew went out together for a meal. It was then that I first met Jaejoong. We had a dinner and we also drank, which made us get sleepy so we ended up sleeping together in one room.”

He continued, “In the room, there was only one lonely king sized bed. Either way it was the bed, so I wanted to sleep on it too. However, it was really hot so without any hesitation, both of us took off our clothes and slept in our underwear and through this we naturally become friendly and familiar to one another”, Ji Sung said laughing.

[brief description of drama omitted]

Ji Sung further stated, “As a singer Jaejoong has risen very high, but as an actor he is taking his first steps and is now playing the role of the younger child when we are on set. He is thoroughly analyzing his character, showing us a professional awareness and his feelings of responsibility. Jaejoong is very eager, not only me but he strives hard to accommodate with Park Yong Kyu, Cha Hwa Yun, and with all of the staff too. And he’s working through very seriously. If he is able to present his new acting at a even level, I think that would be good.”

source: osen.co.kr
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Kim Jaejoong experiences a Camera Flash Baptism by Crowds in the Amusement Park

Thousands of people crowded onto the set of SBS’s new drama “Protect the Boss”

Following “City Hunter” on August 3rd, the drama “Protect the Boss” (Writer: Kwon Ki Young/Director: Son Jung Hyun) tells a story of a rookie secretary who meets a playboy tycoon and then undergoes a project to tame him.


The Protect the Boss team held a shooting on July 19th in a Seoul Amusement Park in which the 4 lead actors, Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang JiHye, gathered, causing thousands of fans to flock to the set.

Because it is summer vacation, many students were visiting the amusement park when the Protect the Boss cast arrived. At that time, many of the students were calling other fans of the actors and taking pictures with their mobile phones, causing filming to be momentarily halted.

Eventually, in order to protect the crews and actors, the amusement park staff led them to a waiting place in order to stay for a while. On the same day, after the shooting was finished, internet portal sites were full of accounts from fans who witnessed the production.

A member of the crew stated “The cast and crew was puzzled to see many people suddenly gathering all together. Thank God, the shooting went without incident, and I would like to say thank you to everybody for showing so much interest in the drama”.

“Protect the Boss” is scheduled for it’s first 55 minute broadcast on August 3rd at 9 o’clock. The scene at the amusement part is said to be airing on August 10th.

Source: Nate
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JYJ’s Jaejoong tweets a ‘family’ photo with ‘Protect the Boss’ co-stars


On July 23rd, JYJ’s Jaejoong showed off a ‘family picture’ featuring two co-stars from his upcoming SBS drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘.

Jaejoong wrote as the caption, “Family picture, our hyung and nuna tada!”

Pictured in the car are Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee, while Jaejoong crouches in front, making a funny face as his ears get tugged by his ‘older brother’. They certainly make a handsome trio!

‘Protect the Boss’ is a romantic drama about ‘Noh Eun Sul’ (played by Choi Kang Hee) who works as a secretary for the cocky and rebellious son of a conglomerate, ‘Cha Ji Hun’ (played by Ji Sung).

‘Protect The Boss’ will air on July 3rd through SBS, succeeding ‘City Hunter‘.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
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Interview with JYJ’s Jaejoong in Khan News


Khan News recently held an interview with Kim Jaejoong. The interview discussed the premise behind “Protect the Boss,” as well as the preparations and anxiety that Jaejoong had to face for the drama. The translated article from Khan News can be found below:

Because he had been spending his entire day filming for his drama “Protect the Boss,” he did not even have time to eat at all. However, he also said that he did not have much of an appetite anyway. Although Jaejoong has maintained his image of being a singer, this will be his first time acting in a drama. Because of this, he is actually very nervous.

August 3rd will mark the debut of Jaejoong as a 2nd generation businessman, Cha Muwon, in the drama “Protect the Boss”. Although Jaejoong has acted in the telecinema “Heaven’s Postman” and in the Japanese drama, “Sunao Ni Narenakute,” since this will be his first Korean drama, this can still be seen as his first time acting in a drama.

Jaejoong stated, “During the JYJ World Tour, I was reading the script for this drama and I thought it was hilarious. The writers have taken a normally serious business setting and turned it into something very fun. I also like the fact that each character seems to have their own role that breathes life into the drama.”

“Protect the Boss” is a romantic comedy that centers around the protagonist, Eunsul, played by actress Choi Kanghee, who is a freeloader that begins to work in the business industry with hilarity ensuing. Jaejoong’s role of Cha Muwon is a bit foolish but is also a “chadonam” (cold and chic city guy). This character is someone who may have the same qualities as Joowon from “Secret Garden” and Dok Gojin from “The Greatest Love”. For this reason, Jaejoong purposely did not watch those two dramas. Instead of watching those dramas, Jaejoong ended up watching the movie “Mutt Boy” many times. After watching veteran actors like Kim Gabsoo, who is currently acting in the sitcom “All My Love,” Jaejoong thought that would also want to try roles similar to what he saw in the movie.

Although Yoochun is a fellow member of Jaejoong in JYJ, he is still a sunbae in terms of dramas as he has acted in both “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Miss Ripley”. Jaejoong said, “I get lots of questions about whether I will be able to do better than Yoochun. This is, of course, a lot of pressure for me, but Yoochun is my sunbae. When Yoochun was filming for dramas, he had to deal with a ‘death schedule’. Because of this, Yoochun told me, ‘Hyung, it’s your turn to die’.”

Kim Jaejoong has also shown his abilities in being a director. In the recent JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 and Son Yeonjae’s (the female gymnast) rhythm gymnastics show, Jaejoong showed his abilities in directing to everyone. Because he was also a singer who would be performing on the stage that he was directing for, he was able to think of many ideas for the performance.

Although there have been many opportunities for Jaejoong to show off his abilities in many different areas, he still feels sad. This sadness is also felt by his other JYJ members. This is because they are not able to promote their songs freely as other singers do.

Jaejoong stated, “Although we have lots of issues with our activities as a singer, we have tried to accept and deal with these problems. Luckily, we have been trying other fields, like acting and musicals, and we are able to learn a lot from these experiences. I believe that it is very fun to find where my talents lie as I go through life. Even if it’s a small thing, if I am able to find the joy in it, I can make other people watching happy as well.”

source: Khan
credit: koreaboo

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JYJ’s Jaejoong delivers an eye-catching presentation for ‘Protect the Boss’


JYJ’s Jaejoong recently stunned his co-stars and production crew by pulling off an impressive presentation scene for SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss‘.

Considered as the ‘prince of the financial world’, Jaejoong plays the role of the director of headquarters, ‘Cha Moo Won’. Mid-July, he had to record a scene where his character was to give a professional presentation during a meeting.

Although the script was filled with professional terms that he wasn’t familiar with, Jaejoong spent every spare moment he had to pick apart and analyze each term in order to better understand his script.

What surprised staff the most was that he didn’t make one NG once the cue sign was made from PD Son Jung Hyun. One representative said, “Jaejoong received a round of applause from staff after completing his world tour, which he directed, from April through June. That same passion and sincerity is being reflected in this drama.”

‘Protect the Boss’ will begin airing on August 3rd.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Nate
Kim Jaejoong Turns Into A Director, Drama Shooting Images Show His Cool Side


Kim Jaejoong showed a cool performance for SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday Drama “Protect The Boss,” attracting the attention of audiences.

Taking over after “City Hunter” ends, “Protect the Boss” which airs on 3 August talks about the female lead who was struggling with finding employment, and eventually becomes the secretary to the male lead, an unruly son of a chaebol family, which leads to a series of incidents that are sweet, insane, happy and lighthearted. This romantic comedy is directed by Son Jung Hyun of “Lovers in Paris,” “Temptation of an Angel,” “First Wives’ Club” and written by Kwong Ki Young, and is highly anticipated.

Playing the role of the “Prince of the Financial World” Cha Mu Won is Kim Jaejoong, who has recently been able to express his role’s cool image perfectly for the drama.

In mid-July, while shooting a scene at the conference room in Seongnam City Hall, Kim Jaejoong who does not usually use technical jargon, kept studying the script and materials, while discussing with the production team about where he was to stand during the shoot and was practiced repeatedly.

Once director Son Jung Hyun called for the actual shoot to start, Kim Jaejoong stood in front of the various “directors” in the drama and performed smoothly, completing the scene without any NGs, his presentation skills surprising the production crew.

One of the related staff said, “Kim Jaejoong was in America from April to June, and was doing his concert tour in Canada, Asia and such. During then, he also took on the role of director, and after the concerts, he received a standing ovation from the staff. This same passion and sincerity was displayed during the filming of this drama. “

“Protect The Boss” stars Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Ji Hye as well as Park Yong Kyu, Cha Hwa Yun, Kim Chung as well as others. The first episode will be aired at 9.55pm on 3 August.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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Kim Jaejoong, Proving his Position as a Hallyu Star Through his Drama Press Conference


Kim Jaejoong has proved himself to be one of the best of the original Hallyu Stars.

On July 27th, SBS’s Soul Mokdong Drama Center held a press conference for their new drama “Protect the Boss”, which was heavily attended by Korean and Japanese press.

The hot news of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s acting debut brought in a great number of television stations and reporters from Japan.

An SBS PR agent stated “there were more reporters applying to attend than we had places for,” and, “we received dozens of letters asking us why we couldn’t accept more of the Japanese media to take part in the conference”.

He followed by saying “Even though we could not accept all the news sites that wanted to cover [the event], we could feel Kim Jaejoong’s popularity among the Japanese fans”.

Meanwhile, as the followup to the drama “City Hunter”, Protect the Boss’s first broadcast is scheduled for August 3rd. In it Kim Jaejoong plays the Director of C group’s Business Strategy Team, Cha Muwon, who is noted to be a Prince in the financial world.

‘Protect the Boss’ cast members’ comments about Jaejoong

Ji Sung

I’ve been involved in media and have seen a lot but, my relationship with Kim Jaejoong is one formed after sleeping together in underwear right after our first meeting. That was probably planned by the staff to get us closer together, everyone was talking and drinking together until the male staff and the actresses wanted to sleep so we split into pairs for each room slept two. When we opened the door and went into the room we found only one king size bed so we were both troubled. We both said, “Let’s just sleep” and laid down next to each other on the bed after turning on the air conditioning, but it was still too hot. While we were sleeping, both of us started taking our clothes off, and because we were drunk we were comfortable. Once we woke up though, I remember we both smiled at each other embarrassed but after that I became a closer friend to Kim Jaejoong. Because of that we can carry on filming very comfortably. Also, even though Kim Jaejoong who is in the present doing great activities as a member of JYJ, when he’s at the location of the filming he shows us his determination and as a newcomer he’s lovable. So all of us, the seniors, the teachers think its wonderful that he’s a part of our team, a little brother who deserves respect, our junior, who gives our team energy.

Choi Kanghee

Youngwoong Jaejoong, in the drama is Cha Muwon. From my standing he is like the long-legged man who I depend on (T/N: reference to the anime ‘My Daddy Long Legs’). To me, Cha Muwon who I call “Mununimu” (T/N: not sure of spelling) is on the same rank as “Hununimu” (God)…

Wang Jihye

After being involved in a love relationship with Jihun in the past, she’s in a relationship where she enjoys the rebellious passion with Muwon.

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Ji Sung – Kim Jaejoong, “A ‘Sleeping On The Same Bed In Our Underwear’ Relationship”


Actor Ji Sung talked about a special fate he has with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

At the press conference for SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Protect the Boss” was held at the SBS broadcasting center on 27 July, Ji Sung said, “Jaejoong and I have a relationship where we met for the first time, and fell asleep in our underwear,” relating an exciting confession.

Ji Sung said, “On the day that we first met, we were chatting over drinks, the production team was taking care of us and put us in a room, and it was too hot so we took of our clothes and fell asleep on the same bed. When we woke up in the morning and realised (what happened) it was a little awkward, but thanks to that, I grew closer to Jaejoong.”

Ji Sung also said, “Jaejoong brings energy to the team. Jaejoong has been performing very well as a member of JYJ, but when he is on set, he has a rookie mindset with a very good attitude, and I feel that he is a junior that respects everybody. “

To this, Kim Jaejoong also said, “Ji Sung is my idol, and he is as cool as I imagined him to be . When working, acting and even in private, he is so cool that I think to myself, “so men like him still exist.”

This drama will first air on 3 August at 9.55pm.

Kim Jaejoong “Will Participate in the OST”


On the afternoon of July 27th, in the Seoul Mokdong SBS Drama Broadcasting Center, a press conference for the drama Protect the Boss (Screenwriter: Kwon Ki Young Director: Son Jung Hyun, first broadcast August 3rd at 9:55 pm) was held. At the press conference actors JiSung, Choi Kang Hee, Wang JiHye, and Kim Jaejoong were in attendance.

Though he is a rookie actor in this drama, Kim Jaejoong is actually a member of the popular group JYJ. His fans were greatly concerned on whether he would participate in the OST for Protect the Boss. In response, Kim Jaejoong has stated “I do have plans to particpate in the OST. However, the number of songs as well as the details are secret!”, causing great curiosity.

In Protect the Boss, Kim Jaejoong plays the Team Leader of the Business Strategy Group. He is cousins with Ji Heon (JiSung) but is very different from [Ji Sung's character], being a Prince in the business circle known for his excellent rules in life as well as never loosing his gentle, calm frame of mind. EunSol (Choi Kang Hee) describes him as a “daddy long legs” character who is more attractive and warm than he is expected to be.

What will happen when the chaebols face off to see who will head the company? The answer is in the pleasantly poignant Romantic Comedy with hints of melodrama as well as social satire. As a follow up to the drama City Hunter, Protect the Boss will air its first episode on August 3rd at 9:55 pm on SBSTV. Also, the first press conference was broadcasted live on-set by SBS Gorealra. You can visit the official site (http://tv/sbs/co.kr/BOSS) to look through the photos that have been uploaded there.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong receives 6.56 tons of rice


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong made his debut in the Korean drama, Protect the Boss. His fans were excited to hear this news and planned support activities for him in a variety of ways.

Kim Jae Joong attended the drama press conference, held in Mokdong, on the 27th.

He plays Cha Moo Won in the drama, along with other Korean actors, Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, and Wang Ji Hye. Kim Jae Joong’s character is worldly, wise, and has good manners.

Jae Joong has had experience in shooting dramas while he was in Japan. He smiled and said, “Every staff in Japan and Korea is nice to me.” But he said he was worried that he might make a mistake. “I felt more comfortable in the Japanese drama, since I’m not a native Japanese speaker and people would understand if I made a mistake. But now I’m under pressure because I’m worried if I will make a mistake with Korean,” he said.

Kim Jae Joong’s fans from all over the world sent rice wreaths to the drama press conference. The donation amount was especially big this time, at 6.56 tons of rice.

The fans wrote on the wreath saying, ‘Praying for success,’ ‘It’s Cha Moo Won’s world.’ After the conference Kim Jae Joong’s fans donated the rice to help the needy under Jaejoong’s name.

The drama, Protect the Boss is a romantic comedy about an office assistant trying to train an heir. The first episode will air on August 3 after City Hunter.

Kim Jaejoong, “Targeting New Actor Award? I Have No Desire.”‏


JYJ’s member and actor Kim Jaejoong expressed his zero desire for the new actor award.

Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on debuting in domestic drama at the production press conference held on the 27th afternoon at Seoul’s SBS Mu Dong building for SBS new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect The Boss’ (Script by Kwon Ki Young and directed by Son Jung Hyun).

Although he had acting experiences through last year’s Japan Fuji TV’s ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ and acted with Han Hyo Joo in the movie ‘Heaven’s Postman’, but it is his first act in domestic drama and thus had the extraordinary sentiment.

Kim Jaejoong expressed, “It seems that I am starting to have the desire to achieve the new actor award but since this is my first challenge, isn’t it bad to have the thought of getting the award?”, “I have never gotten any other award in school other than the perfect attendance award.”

He continued humbly, “I am working at this as a total new acting experience and therefore I am learning a lot from the senior actors such as Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Wang Ji Hye etc.”

He talked about the difference between acting in Japan and domestically, “Acting in Japan was not done with my native language and on the contrary, my burden was lessened. But with the responsibility of performing well in my native language, I was therefore nervous every time.”

Additionally, Kim Jaejoong received a piece of special acting advice from JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun who acted recently in the popular ‘Miss Ripley’. To this, he said, “Have to practice on not sleeping due to the overnight filming. After the conclusion of this work, I plan to go on a holiday with the members.”

Kim Jaejoong is acting as the composed Cha Mu Won who is the 3rd generation of the conglomerate and his character surrounds the power struggle and involvement with Ji Sung’s Cha Ji Hyun, who is related as first cousin.

He relayed his thoughts, saying, “When I first joined in, I envied the free-spirited and a bit nonsensical character of Cha Ji Hyun.” He continued, “I am still unable to adapt and have to act according to the director’s expressions. The other actors are doing very well and it seems that if I am able to work hard, it will be fine.”

‘Protect The Boss’ which involves Ji Sung, Kim Jaejoong, Choi Kang Hee, Wang Ji Hye etc, will be taking over the broadcast timeslot of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘City Hunter’, premiering on the 3rd of August.

source: ntn.seoul
credit: jaetime
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Choi Kanghee,”Jaejoong is like daddy-long-legs to me”


At the press conference of “Protect The Boss” which was held at SBS, Choi Kanghee said “in the drama, the character Kim Jaejoong plays Moowon is like daddy-long-legs to me.” Also “He lets me in the company. So he is like god to me,which is the reason why I call him Moowon-sama”.

She continued “while filming with Kim Jaejoong I act as I am his fan. When I think that way,it is easier to act”. She also talked about why she decided to be in this drama, “I really wanted to do a drama” and “when I met the director I thought ‘I have to do it’”.

credit: chosunonline
trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun

Official Biography: Cha Mu Won‏


Being Strategy Team 2′s team leader and director of C group, he is the first cousin of Ji Hyun and only son of CEO Shin Soo Hee who is the sister-in-law of Chairman Cha (the current executive of C group).

Although he is the director of Team 2, in fact he is the internal manipulator who is also in full responsibility for Ji Hyun’s Team 1. As he is good in interpreting and understanding people, this prince of financial world is excellent with interaction and would not lose his poise and graciousness at any moment.

When Ji Hyun got himself entangled in a web of rumours due to a scandalous incident, Mu Won was on the other hand being fully reported as the capable young management executive who is pulling through the responsibilities as the 3rd generation successor.

Though the highly rated facet, it was no falsity.

He has been receiving management coaching from his mother Shin Soo Hee since young and the impressive results he achieved soon after he joined the enterprise gained the trust of Chairman Cha and all the employees. With such achievement, the prediction that Mu Won would be the next C Group’s CEO instead of Ji Hyun appeared in the financial world.

Without a doubt, his main target was to have the conglomerate’s management. This ambition of Mu Won was descended by his mother Shin Soo Hee. The chairman position of C group was not originally the possession of the second son Chairman Cha, but of the eldest son who is Mu Won’s father. Chairman Cha took over the management’s helm from his brother, resulting in Mu Won’s father being outcasted in the conglomerate and died eventually.

Although Mu Won’s father dies of cancer, Shin Soo Hee and Mu Won blamed the death to Chairman Cha. After the negotiation with Chairman Cha, Shin Soo Hee solely took charge of her husband’s subsidiary company. With her angst and rivalry hatred, Shin Soo Hee stepped into the management and became the unscrupulous and capable female CEO, gradually aiming that control, in replacement for her husband. However this does not resolve the anger within her. She hopes to actualize the ambition that is left behind by her husband through her son, Mu Won.

credit: protect the boss website+mazejae
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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