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Jaejoong and Ji Sung Each Treat “Boss” Staff to Meals– Portions for 100 Persons!

Protect the Boss Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong. Generous Gifts of Group Meals. Indeed, They are Directors of Headquarters


Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss have each bought a group meal for the production crew— as good friends.

Ji Sung playing Cha Jihun provided for the production crew and the appearing cast a meal that neared in quantity to feed 100 persons in the filming that took place recently in SBS Ilsan Production Center. This was suggested by Ji Sung in order to commemorate the fact that the episode aired on August 11 had recorded 18.7% in Seoul on AGB Neilson Media Research and thus had taken the #1 spot among Wed-Thurs dramas.

Ji Sung revealed: “I always wanted to share a meal with the production crew who work so hard—but due to having to manage the scheduled filimings that had piled up because of the frequent rain, we did not get to have a proper group meal. I felt great being the #1 drama in ratings. Thanks to that, I am so happy that we are able to have a conversation through a meal.”

Then a member of production staff jokingly questioned and made everyone laugh: “Can we keep calling group meals if Boss keeps on being the #1 drama?”

Continuing, Kim Jaejoong playing Cha Muwon provided samgyetang (T/N: whole-chicken soups with medicial herbs) for malbok on the 13th (T/N: “malbok” is a day on which Koreans usually eat a dish that is especially nourishing to the body) and received great cheer from the production crew.

At this, one of the production crew did not spare his bragging: “If you just look at how the warm sentiment of the actors treating (the staff) to a meal one by one, you can tell that the teamwork of the Boss team is excellent. From now on also, we will keep on making the best of dramas with good teamwork.”

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Protect the Boss Ep 04: Before ‘Jisung Sickness’, start from ‘Jaejoong Sickness’?


As expected, Wed-Thus drama ‘Protect the Boss’ has begun its dominion. Looking at the rating of episode 4, in national ratings, the gap between #1 ‘Princess’ Man’ and #2 ‘Protect the Boss’ is only 0.2%, in Seoul, ‘Protect the Boss’ actually got 2% ahead of ‘Princess’ Man’. With this, if there is not big unexpected changes next week, #1 Wed-Thus drama will likely belong to ‘Protect the Boss”. Although the supporting casts are struggling, with the growing negative criticism concerning the acting skills of Moon Chaewon and Park Shihoo, ratings of ‘The Princess’ Man’ have become stagnant. Meanwhile, the main cast of ‘Protect the Boss’ Choi Kanghee and Jisung have been showing stable acting and the drama got steady upward ratings: 12.6% (Ep 1) ▶ 14.7% (Ep 2) ▷ 15.5% (Ep 3) ▶ 16.4% (Ep 4).

Concerning ‘Protect the Boss’, the situation is very interesting. ‘Secret Garden’-'The Greatest Love’…, the common point of hit rom-coms of this year is the ‘sickness phenomenon’ toward the heroes. As the heroes have exposed their personality and their charm from the early phase of the drama, ‘Joowon sickness (Hyunbin)’ – ‘Dokgo sickness (Cha Seungwon), these phenomena spread like wildfire. In ‘Secret Garden’, even Hyunbin’s bling bling training suit has become hot item of the first half of this year. In ‘The Greatest Love’, the lines that Cha Seungwon blurted out such as, ‘Get over it!’, ‘Recharge!’, ‘You should take it as your honor’, etc. have become best buzzwords on everyone’s lips. Thus the decisive element for the success of this year’s romantic comedies is this ‘sickness phenomenon’ toward the heroes. Of course, in the romantic comedy ‘Protect the Boss’ which has been showing a steady uptrend, ‘sickness phenomenon’ also appeared. But, that phenomenon doesn’t come from Jisung but from Kim Jaejoong.


Sure enough, online or offline, when people talk about ‘Protect the Boss’, compared to ‘Cha Jihun (Jisung)’, the name of ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’ has been mentioned more often. Actually, until the first week of broadcasting, there were more reactions to Kim Jaejoong than to Jisung and then, this low opinion appeared: ‘So JYJ’s fans did try very hard!’ In fact, enthusiastic responses were to be found only in women-centered communities, in men-centered communities, even comments like ‘foot acting (Korean phrase to depict horrible acting)’ were seen. However, the charm of ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’ was full-fledgedly exposed since episode 3 and signs of the so-called ‘Muwon sickness’ or ‘Jaejoong sickness’ are full-fledgedly emerging. For now, there isn’t a voice of criticism about Kim Jaejoong’s acting from men-centered communities anymore. In women-centered communities, there are more stories about Kim Jaejoong than Jisung. Similarly, these reactions can be felt even in ‘offline’ stories.

Surely, Yoon Sanghyun of ‘Secret Garden’ and Yoon Kyesang of ‘The Greatest Love’ also gained no less popularity than main leads Hyunbin and Cha Seungwon. But it’s true that they only got to bring out their best from the second half of the drama and their popularity also increased from the second half. In addition, the popularity of Yoon Sanghyun and Yoon Kyesang could never exceed Hyunbin and Cha Seungwon. Virtually, it’s because they were characters that make up for the weak points of the main leads Hyunbin and Cha Seungwon. ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’ of ‘Protect the Boss’ is also the same. He complements ‘Cha Jihun (Jisung) by his sober intellect and charisma. Even so, ‘Jaejoong sickness’ emerged before ‘Jisung sickness’ though. The popularity of complementary character rising earlier than main’s is an unusual phenomenon. But that doesn’t mean Jisung’s acting is lacking nor ‘Cha Jihun’ is not an attractive character. It’s just that in the early phase of the drama, the personality and charm of ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’ have been showing more strongly then ‘Cha Jihun (Jisung)’.


After all, ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’ really knows how to turn on his personality and charm as a complementary character. Abundantly talented and charismatic, he maintains good manners and caring towards women. Through episode 4, sympathetic feelings have been arising from the viewers. Indeed, no matter how ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’ proves his outstanding abilities, ‘Cha Jihun (Jisung)’ who has no qualifications can easily get the position just because he’s the son of the president, which makes viewers sympathize with ‘Cha Muwon’. Kim Jaejoong’s acting is also beyond expectations. Actually, from the beginning, Kim Jaejoong had nothing to do with ‘foot acting’. As you may know, Kim Jaejoong had his debut in drama through Japanese drama ‘Hard to say I love you’. He had to express feelings and lines in Japanese, not in his native language and that difficult acting experience gave him reliable basic skills.

The character itself already has overflowing charm and even gains compassion from the viewers. Kim Jaejoong’s expressions in acting are even better than expected. In this situation, the viewers can’t help finding it remarkable although it’s only a complementary character. Especially, if looking at ‘Kim Joowon (Hyunbin)’ and ‘Dok Gojin (Cha Seungwon)’ who were the heroes of ‘sickness phenomenon’ of this year, they all have abilities-charisma-sympathetic feeling in common. These characteristics aren’t shown in the leading role ‘Cha Jihun (Jisung)’ but are strongly exposed in ‘Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong)’, a complementary character, since a very early phase of the drama. And thanks to that, like main lead Moon Chaewon who is left behind by supporting role Hong Soohyun in ‘Princess’s Man’, despite the fact that Jisung’s acting is not bad, it’s not ‘Jisung sickness’ but ‘Jaejoong sickness’ that is shown.

This might be script-writer’s mistake while being Kim Jaejoong’s victory. He should have let ‘Cha Jihun’ character’s personality and charm shine first and fully so ‘Jisung sickness’ would have appeared first. However, the side that appeals more strongly is not ‘Cha Jihun’ but ‘Cha Muwon’. Kim Jaejoong who is saved the most by this mistake deserves praise. If Kim Jaejoong couldn’t act, it’d been clear that he would be criticized no matter how attractive and unique ‘Cha Muwon’ was. The possibility that Kim Jaejoong hits the jackpot with his debut in Korean drama gets higher. But the problem starts from now on. Being a complementary character, soon or later, ‘Cha Muwon’ will thoroughly reveal his true colors and later possibly be portrayed as a villain, as ‘Cha Jihun’’s rival. In order to properly live in this situation, the viewers should better root for ‘Cha Jihun (Jisung) unilaterally. But I can’t help doubting if those viewers who has been falling for ‘Jaejoong sickness’ are indeed going to support ‘Cha Jihun’. Therefore, Jisung needs to give more effort in the future to create a ‘Jisung sickness’ that is no less attractive than ‘Jaejoong sickness’.

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Seoulbeats Reviews “Protect the Boss,” as Well-Made and Well-Acted

Check out the Seoulbeats review for Protect the Boss below! ^_^ It is unexpected, fun, well-written, and well-made. <3<3


I thought this drama sounded really odd from the get-go because of the premise of the story, but I’m happy to say that I’ve totally been proven wrong. All the four leads have great chemistry with each other and the most important thing is: Yes, Jae-joong can act. He’s also quite funny.

A brief recap after the jump because a recap of our characters and this story seems necessary. This drama is like an onion, there are many, many layers to peel.

(Yes, Wang Ji-hye is slamming an ice cream cone onto Choi Kang-hee’s butt. Don’t worry, Choi Kang-hee slams back.)


The premise of the drama is that Choi Kang-hee’s Noh Eun-seol needs a job. Badly. Her qualifications are not impressive and everybody knows it, including all her prospective employers, which is why nobody ever hires her. In high school, Eun-seol was the kid that beat up the bullies for picking on the weaker kids, mostly in lieu of studying. That gave her her shoddy grades and landed her in much of her job predicament (or lack thereof) in her adult life.

After spending a good majority of her adult being searching for a job, Eun-seol is fed up with being passed over for positions because of her less than stellar education and loses her cool about it…during an interview…in front of her potential employers. Not a hoot was given because she figures that she wasn’t going to get hired anyway, might as well make her thoughts heard loud and clear.

Except, lucky for her, Kim Jae-joong’s Cha Mu-won is one of the hiring employers and finds her little speech interesting and refreshingly frank. So he hires her, despite going against protocol. He figures she’s a good fit as secretary for someone as demanding as Cha Ji-heon.

Ji Sung’s Cha Ji-heon is the prickly cousin of Mu-won (their fathers are brothers). He is also the complete opposite of the successful and well-to-do Mu-won in every way that matters. Ji-heon is slightly OCD, slightly ADD, and also part whacko. (So clearly, I love him.) Ji-heon has a problem with crowded spaces and cannot give speeches in front of big groups of people, to the extent that both those activities are physically debilitating.


Ji-heon is the son of the head of DN Group, a large conglomerate that does..what large conglomerates do. Mergers, acquisitions, development, yada yada yada. Because he is the direct heir to such a large company, there are certain expectations of him, especially from his father, but none of which Ji-heon meets in the slightest.

Ji-heon likes to avoid all his work duties as much as possible mostly because of his fear of meeting other people, being with other people, touching other people, and giving lots of talks, but doesn’t make that apparent to his father, who just thinks that he’s a regular ol’ slacker. Ji-heon doesn’t share many of his weaknesses with anybody, so it’s really only his secretaries who know about his lifestyle particularities. His father is consistently disappointed and angry with Ji-heon’s apathy and procrastination, which he misconstrues to be a product of lack of ambition, but the truth is that Ji-heon’s father doesn’t know too much about his son. We don’t yet, at the moment, but we’re told that something extremely significant happened during one of his relationships that really scarred Ji-heon and possibly is the reason why he doesn’t like being around other people, doesn’t like commitment, and finds the work environment extremely stressful.



To round out our main cast is Wang Ji-hye’s Seo Na-yoon, an ex-girlfriend of Ji-heon’s. She’s very keen on getting back with Ji-heon for one reason or another, yet Ji-heon has mentally exhausted her from his system. Their relationship is interesting because we know how deeply she impacted him, but we’re not sure what exactly happened during their relationship that literally makes Ji-heon’s brain reject her. During their relationship, at one point Na-yoon had to leave Korea for something, and as Ji-heon was making his way to look for her, he receives a call about something that, presumably, changed his life in an awful way. There’s an interesting moment in episode 4 where Ji-heon says that at one point, Na-yoon was important to him, but now, she’s forgettable, in a way that sounds like Ji-heon associates her with something traumatizing, and has learned to forget about her through shock. Curiouser and curiouser.

There’s not much that actually happens in the four episodes, but we’re given a taste that the heart of the conflict will lie in the competition between Ji-heon and Mu-won to become the rightful heir of DN Group. Ji-heon is the heir by logic, since his father is the man in charge, but Mu-won is the heir by merit, which is something his mother argues for insistently because Ji-heon is not really leader material given his slacker tendencies. How nasty this rivalry will become, we shall see.



And how does Noh Eun-seol fit into this whole scheme of things? She’s Ji-heon’s secretary who has to manage Ji-heon’s life, basically. Her duties range from little things like kicking his ass out of bed to get to work on top to catastrophically huge things like Ji-heon getting lost in a crowd and passing out due to his enochlophobia. Ji-heon seems to be incredibly incapable of taking care of himself without the help of someone else, and a secretary in this case is not just a throwaway position created for our leads to be in constant contact, he actually doesn’t seem to be full-functioning without one.

My thoughts

I’m loving the characters so far. I know we already had a phobic chaebol with Secret Garden‘s Kim Joo-won, who is claustrophobic, so adding these medical nuances to a character is not new. But while SG mostly played up the claustrophobia to link Joo-won to Gil Ra-im, I find Ji-heon’s fears much more interesting because they are more present, and disrupts his daily life to a much larger extent. The writers have to go through more lengths to explain its origins, and then write Noh Eun-seol’s character in a way that helps support and/or complement his lifestyle.

I think Ji Sung is doing a great job with Ji-heon. There are moments where Ji-heon is super childish and indefensibly irritating, but there are almost moments where he possesses extreme clarity about his own perceived shortcomings, which makes me think that his childish behavior is a side effect of his phobias and trauma. How he’s going to grapple with all of that with the help of Noh Eun-seol will make this drama worth watching to the very end.

I also love how three-dimensional of a character Ji-heon’s father is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a complex chaebol daddy. They’re usually so rigid, unforgiving, and prone to misunderstanding without really trying to understand at all. He also has the most hilarious relationship with his mom (Ji-heon’s grandmother) so I’m loving Ji-heon’s entire family.



Now, I need to bold this for affect: Choi Kang-hee’s Noh Eun-seol is killer. She is so awesome in every single way that matters. She doesn’t take crap from anybody, will say something when she sees something indefensible, and knows how to keep herself going. Basically, she’s a survivor in the very way that Ji-heon is not. How do I know? You know those moments in Kdramas where these bitchy girls talk shit about another girl very audibly and don’t even give a fuck? And then that girl being talked about will just hear it and then suck it up and mope sadly?

Well, Noh Eun-seol doesn’t do that. She takes you to the rooftop and twists your arm and then kicks you in the shin and then tells you to back the fuck down.


But she’s also extremely accommodating and positive in a way that doesn’t exhaust you as a viewer. Eun-jo fromCinderella’s Sister is also kickass, but she was exhausting to watch because she was so bitter, uptight, and defensive about her weaknesses all the time. I bring up Eun-jo only because she’s the benchmark hardass girl to which I measure a lot of female leads in Kdramas, but Eun-seol is very much a happier alternative. Eun-seol’s not as hard and battered, and she acknowledges her weaknesses without making you feel bad for acknowledging them as well. Eun-jo is the kind of girl that knows her weaknesses but will slap you in the face if you found out about them too, and then make you suffer for discovering them. Eun-seol is much cuddlier. /tangent



Now about Jae-joong: I am happy report that I am very much pleasantly surprised with his performance. He’s a little stiff in the scenes that require him to show off just how gorgeous and sharp he is, but otherwise, I think he’s doing a great job. He has A+++++ chemistry with Ji-heon, which will make this rivalry hilarious and awesome, and Jae-joong is also surprisingly funny. There are moments where he makes the right kind of face in response to a line or smirks just the right amount and I actually think to myself, “Wow, that was all you, JJ. You weren’t even acting. Good job, bro.” Easily the best actor out of DBSK. Yunho really needs to learn a thing or two from JJ.

As for Wang Ji-hye: I actually haven’t seen a drama where I’ve liked her character yet. She’s doing this WEIRD thing where she’s aegyo-ing the fuck out of her character, and I say weird in a panick-y all-caps way because even if she’s played bitchy characters in the past, there was some substance of seriousness, and I just have no idea what the hell her character is doing. Maybe that’ll be cleared up in the next few weeks.

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Protect the Boss and Scent of a Woman K-Drama Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion has been one of the most popular marketing strategy available, but doesProtect the Boss and Scent of a Woman needs any further promotion in view of their immense popularity among drama lovers, and anchored by famous casts? In the ninth episode of Scent of a Woman, some sharp eyed K-drama viewers have noticed that another Korean drama Protect the Boss has been airing on the LCD TV hang on a wall in the background.
Protect the Boss in Scent of a Woman
Protect the Boss in Scent of a Woman
Protect the Boss in Scent of a Woman
Protect the Boss in Scent of a Woman
Protect the Boss in Scent of a Woman
Can you manage to find where the “Protect the Boss” in the video? If you miss out the scene, it’s at around 16 minutes period in Scent of a Woman episode 9.
Both Scent of a Woman and Protect the Boss are drama series airing in Korea SBS TV channel. Non-coincidently, in the sixth episode of Protect the Boss, the TV box at the home of Chairman Cha is showing Scent of a Woman drama too. The clip of which Chairman Cha, father of Ji Hun watched is about when Kang Ji Wook starting to train for dancing. The scene happened around 8 minutes of Protect the Boss episode 6.
Scent of a Woman in Protect the Boss
Scent of a Woman in Protect the Boss
Scent of a Woman in Protect the Boss
Scent of a Woman in Protect the Boss
Scent of a Woman in Protect the Boss


“Protect The Boss” Kim Jaejoong “Model Student” At Shooting Location? Detailed Study Of Script & Acting
Images of Kim Jaejoong studying his script and acting for the SBS drama “Protect the Boss” was revealed, making him a “concept actor”
In “Protect the Boss,” whose ratings have surpassed 20%, Kim Jaejoong who plays the role of MD, studies his script and acting carefully, and showed perfect acting skills.
Recently, while shooting at a coffeehouse in Paju, Kim Jaejoong was seen studying his own acting via a mini camcorder, and this detailed study has attracted attention.
Kim Jaejoong said, “Observing (my acting) like this is very helpful towards the transition of feelings for the next scene. During shooting, no matter what, I have to study my own acting and seek advice from the other senior actors. “ After saying that, he started studying his script for the next scene, like a “model student.”
The production team said, “This is Kim Jaejoong’s first experience in acting for a long drama, and as someone who always wants to do his best, Kim Jaejoong had already been praised by other actors as “a concept actor with great acting potential” even before production started.”
It was also noted that after over a hundred fans discovered Kim Jaejoong’s shooting location, they swarmed to the coffeehouse to show their support, and shooting had to been suspended temporarily.
“Concept actor” Kim Jaejoong plays Cha Mu Won in “Protect the Boss” which airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.55pm.
Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Hankyung News via Nate]

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'Protect The Boss' memiliki 5 poin umum dengan 'Secret Garden', tekan drama bersertifikat

Drama 'Protect The Boss' memiliki 5 poin umum dengan drama hit 2010 'Secret Garden' .
♦ Pertumbuhan kisah chaebol 3 rd generasi
Dalam kasus 'Secret Garden', itu cerita pertumbuhan CEO Department store Kim Joowon (Hyun Bin), yang dikenal sebagai 'kkadonam' (orang kota kasar dan sombong). Setelah trauma karena kecelakaan lift ketika dia masih kecil, dia selalu arogan sampai ia bertemu Gil Ra Im (Ha Jiwon) dan secara bertahap mulai berubah. Dalam kasus 'Protect The Boss', chaebol 3 rd generasi Cha Jihun (Jisung) memiliki gangguan panik sejak ia masih kecil dan itu lebih buruk setelah kecelakaan adiknya. Dia mulai berubah sedikit demi sedikit setelah bertemu Eunseol.
Keduanya muncul sebagai chaebol dengan jenis garis yang terkenal "Apa kau tidak tahu bagaimana harga saham akan naik dan turun dengan hanya satu tanda tangan saya?" The parodi 'Buyout', 'Assault', 'Komunitas layanan', dll , bersama dengan bergosip tentang chaebol. juga datang dalam adegan. Dengan cara ini, dua drama dengan komplikasi dan episode penuh warna cerita pertumbuhan chaebol 3 generasiIII dan juga cerita tentang manusia. FYI, Joowon hanya memiliki kakek dan ibunya, Jihun hanya memiliki nenek dan ayah, yang merupakan perbedaan yang nyata.
♦ Stuntwoman vs Sekretaris
'Secret Garden' menunjukkan dunia stuntwomen melalui karakter Gil Ra Im dan 'Protect The Boss' memberikan kisah tersembunyi dari Sekretaris Departemen melalui karakter No Eunseol. Itu terjadi bahwa dua karakter yang menguasai seni bela diri dan berjuang begitu sebenarnya, Ha Jiwon dan Choi Kanghee memiliki jumlah yang luar biasa adegan aksi.
♦ Utama aktor, bintang populer bersertifikat
Dalam kasus 'Secret Garden', aktor utama Hyun Bin, Ha Jiwon, Yoon Sanghyun dan Kim Sarang menarik perhatian besar. Melalui drama ini, Hyun Bin dan Ha Jiwon ditingkatkan untuk bintang terbaik dalam satu langkah; Yoon Sanghyun juga bergabung dengan pangkat bintang Hallyu. Selain itu, Kim Sarang telah menjadi bintang CF dan pergi lebih dekat dengan pemirsa; mendukung aktor Kim Sung Oh, Yoo Dalam Ah dan Lee Jongsuk ditemukan.
Dalam kasus 'protect The Boss', kinerja antusias dari Jisung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong dan Wang Jihye menyebabkan banyak perhatian. Jisung dan Choi Kanghee sekali lagi membuktikan posisi pemimpin mereka dalam rom-com; Kim Jaejoong telah berhasil mendarat lunak dalam tantangan drama pertamanya. Juga, melalui drama ini, Wang Jihye menerima pujian, diperkirakan sebagai 'penemuan kembali Wang Jihye'. Keselarasan sempurna dari aktor veteran seperti Kyu Young Park yang telah membuat kembali setelah waktu yang lama seperti, Cha Hwa Yeon, Kim Chung, dll juga merupakan panen besar.
♦ Berikut datang lokasi syuting muncul
Bahkan lokasi syuting film 'Secret Garden' memancing topik besar. Rumah Joowon (Hyun Bin) dan Oska (Yoon Sanghyun) dalam kemewahan Mime Desa Visi di Yeoju; SEAES Hotel di Pulau Jeju di mana Joowon dan Ra Im berbagi ciuman pertama mereka; Resom Resort Jecheon; Roel Department store mana Joowon bekerja, yang, dalam kenyataannya, Cheongnyangni Lotte Department store; tempat-tempat ini telah menjadi eksplosif populer.
Hal yang sama dalam kasus 'Protect The Boss'. Rumah terkenal di Sungbuk-dong Seo Joo aktris Hee mana Jihun (Ji Sung) dan Eunseol (Choi Kanghee) memiliki ciuman pagar; Seongnam City Hall yang didirikan dalam DN Grup; Sinnonhyeon-dong Puerto toko tempat Jihun melakukan bagian- waktu pekerjaan; Gangchon kampus Grup Duzon mana terletak ruang resepsi, tempat-tempat ini juga menjadi tempat terkenal 'syuting ziarah lokasi' di kalangan pemirsa.
♦ sengit pertarungan antara baris terkenal dan ciuman yang terkenal
Ini tidak akan terlalu berlebihan untuk mengatakan bahwa setiap episode 'Secret Garden' dipenuhi dengan garis-garis yang terkenal "Gugatan pelatihan bahwa menjahit hati-hati dibuat oleh pengrajin Italia stitch,". "Apakah ini yang terbaik yang dapat Anda lakukan? Apakah Anda yakin? "" Sejak kapan kau menjadi begitu cantik? "" Anda punya pesan, Anda sudah mendapat pesan "adalah beberapa baris yang Anda tidak boleh lewatkan. Selain itu, Joowon dan Ra Im disebut satu sama lain 'gil Taeng-ja' (T / N: 탱자, mempunyai tiga daun jeruk yang sangat pahit dan tidak dapat dimakan segar, sebagai Ra Im (라임) berarti 'kapur' dalam bahasa Korea) dan ' kim ttol-chu "(T / N: 똘추, 똘 adalah singkatan 또라이 (ttora-i) = imbecie, 추 adalah singkatan 추리닝 (Churining) = sesuai dengan pelatihan Jadi, 똘추 = tolol dalam setelan pelatihan.). 'Duduk adegan' 'ciuman bench',, 'ciuman gelembung', 'ciuman badai', 'partai ciuman', 'tidur ciuman' yang ditampilkan dan mendapat banyak cinta dari pemirsa.
Ada juga baris terkenal di 'Protect The Boss'. Jihun jatuh cinta dengan Eunseol dan mengaku, "Ada batu alam semesta terjebak dalam sistem limbik otak saya." "Mari kita beri kencan kami liburan sementara," "Mari kita menutup cinta kita," garis-garis juga bisa didengar . Selain itu, Jihun dan Eunsul disebut setiap 'Loser' lain dan 'Batu alam semesta ", menampilkan gambar yang indah. Mereka telah 'menyergap ciuman' 'ciuman pagar' lalu, 'motel ciuman'. Kim Jaejoong dan Wang Jihye juga berbagi 'dalam mobil ciuman' 'ciuman susu' itu dan 'mencium badai'.
SBS drama kru produksi mengatakan, "Secret Garden dan Melindungi Boss telah mendapatkan banyak popularitas, hal itu terjadi bahwa ada banyak kesamaan. Berkat itu, dua drama menerima banyak pujian dan memiliki peringkat tinggi. 'Taman penyakit Rahasia' dan 'Boss penyakit' juga menjadi istilah-istilah "." Kami akan terus membuat drama yang baik yang dapat menerima banyak cinta dari pemirsa seperti ini di masa depan. "
Sumber: Olahraga Dunia melalui Nate
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‘Protect the Boss’ has 5 common points with ‘Secret Garden’, hit drama certified

SBS Wed-Thus drama ‘Protect the Boss’ has 5 common points with hit drama of 2010 ‘Secret Garden’, climbing to hit dramas line.
♦  Growth story of Chaebol 3rd generation
In ‘Secret Garden’ case, it’s a growth story of the CEO of Department store Kim Joowon (Hyun Bin), who was known as ‘kkadonam (rough and arrogant city man). Having trauma owing to an elevator accident when he was little, he has always been arrogant until he met Gil Ra Im (Ha Jiwon) and gradually began to change. In ‘Protect the Boss’ case, chaebol 3rd generation Cha Jihun (Jisung) had panic disorder since he was little and it was worse after his brother’s accident. He began to change little by little after meet Eunseol.
Both appeared as chaebol with this kind of famous line “Don’t you know how the stock price will climb up and down with only one of my signature?” The parodies of ‘Buyout’, ‘Assault’, ‘Community service’, etc., along with gossips about chaebol also came in the scene. This way, two dramas with its complications and its colorful episodes tell the growth stories of chaebol 3rd generation and also stories about human. FYI, Joowon only has grandfather and mother, Jihun only has grandmother and father, which is a noticeable distinction.
♦  Stuntwoman vs Secretary
‘Secret Garden’ shows the world of stuntwomen through character Gil Ra Im and ‘Protect the Boss’ delivers the hidden story of Secretary Department through character No Eunseol. It happened that two characters were masters of martial arts and fight so actually, Ha Jiwon and Choi Kanghee had an exceptional amount of action scenes.
♦  Main actors, popular stars certified
In ‘Secret Garden’ case, main actors Hyun Bin, Ha Jiwon, Yoon Sanghyun and Kim Sarang drew overwhelming attention. Through this drama, Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon were upgraded to best stars in one step; Yoon Sanghyun also joined the rank of Hallyu stars. In addition, Kim Sarang has become CF star and went closer to the viewers; supporting actors Kim Sung Oh, Yoo In Ah and Lee Jongsuk were discovered.
In the case of ‘Protect the Boss’, the enthusiastic performance of Jisung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye led to much attention. Jisung and Choi Kanghee once again proved their leader position in rom-com; Kim Jaejoong has successfully soft-landed in his first drama challenge. Also, through this drama, Wang Jihye received compliments, estimated as the ‘rediscovery of Wang Jihye’. The perfect harmony of veteran actors like Park Young Kyu who has made a return after such long time, Cha Hwa Yeon, Kim Chung, etc. is also a big harvest.
♦  Here come emerging filming locations
Even the filming locations of ‘Secret Garden’ provoked a big topic. The house of Joowon (Hyun Bin) and Oska (Yoon Sanghyun) in luxury Mime Vision Village in Yeoju; Seaes Hotel at Jeju-do where Joowon and Ra Im shared their first kiss; Resom Resort of Jecheon; Roel Department store where Joowon worked, which is, in reality,Cheongnyangni Lotte Department store; these places have become explosively popular.
It was the same in ‘Protect the Boss’ case. The famed house in Sungbuk-dong of actress Seo Joo Hee where Jihun (Ji Sung) and Eunseol (Choi Kanghee) had a railing kiss; Seongnam City Hall that was set up into DN Group; Sinnonhyeon-dong Puerto store where Jihun did part-time job; Gangchon campus of Duzon Group where located the reception hall; these places also become famous spots of ‘filming location pilgrimage’ among viewers.
♦  Fierce fight between famous lines and famous kisses
It won’t be too exaggerated to say that every episode of ‘Secret Garden’ was filled with famous lines. “The training suit that an Italian artisan carefully crafted stitch by stitch,” “Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?” “Since when did you become so pretty?” “You’ve got message, you’ve got message” are some lines that you shouldn’t miss. Moreover, Joowon and Ra Im called each other ‘Gil taeng-ja’ (T/N: 탱자, trifoliate orange that is very bitter and unable to be eaten fresh, as Ra Im (라임) means ‘lime’ in Korean) and ‘Kim ttol-chu’ (T/N: 똘추, 똘is short for 또라이 (ttora-i) = imbecie, 추 is short for 추리닝(Churining) = training suit. Thus, 똘추= imbecile in training suit). ‘Sit up scene’, ‘bench kiss’, ‘bubble kiss’, ‘storm kiss’, ‘party kiss’, ‘bed kiss’ were shown and got much love from the viewers.
There are also many famous lines in ‘Protect the Boss’. Jihun fell in love with Eunseol and confessed, “There is a stone of universe stuck in the limbic system of my brain.” “Let’s give our dating a temporary holiday,” “Let’s close down our love,” those lines could also be heard. In addition, Jihun and Eunsul called each other ‘Loser’ and ‘The stone of universe’, showing lovely image. They had ‘ambush kiss’ then ‘railing kiss’, ‘motel kiss’. Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye also shared ‘in-car kiss’ then ‘milk kiss’ and ‘storm kiss’.
SBS drama production crew said, “Secret Garden and Protect the Boss have gained much popularity, it happened that there were many similarities. Thanks to that, two dramas received many compliments and had high ratings. ‘Secret Garden sickness’ and ‘Boss sickness’ also become buzzwords.” “We will continue to make good dramas that can receive much love from the viewers like this in the future.”
Source: Sports World via NateTranslation credit: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3

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