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Kim Jaejoong of ‘Boss’. Makes History—Rice Wreaths Record 6.56 Tons, the Highest Figure in History


The fans of group JYJ’s Jaejoong (Real name Kim Jaejoong) has donated 6.56 tons of rice in order to help the less fortunate. This is the highest figure recorded in history.

According to the brand Dreamie, which is the representative brand of rice wreaths, the fans sent in wreaths totaling 6.65 tons. The affiliate said: “Kim Jaejoong’s rice wreaths recorded the highest figure in history.”

In the production presentation ceremony of the new Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that was held on the 27th in SBS Drama Center of Mokdong, Seoul, the rice wreath dreamies which declared support for JYJ’s Jaejoong were delivered. The dreamies celebrate with rice the occasion and will be used to help the less fortunate. The dreamies came with warm words which read: “This dreamie is planned to be donated to the starving children and child bread-earners and such among us less fortunate, in the name of the actor. The 6.56 tons of rice is an amount which allows a meal for 54,448 children. It is an amount that can feed 605 people for one month.”

It became known that not merely the fans of Korea but also Japan, Southeast Asia, Spain, Peru, and such other places also participated. The rice which were stacked neatly and filled the space and also many banners which decorated the location made it possible for one to feel the passion of the fans in one glance.

The rice dreamie wreathes which were delivered starting in the early morning totaled to be 80—there were two which were 1 ton each, and five which were 500 kgs each, and such. The 80 wreaths completely filled the hall of the 13th floor. The dreamie wreaths were enough to put the onlookers in shock.

At the same time, Jaejoong will transform into the Prince of the Financial World by taking on the role of Cha Muwon in the new Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that will air as a follow-up to City Hunter on August 3.

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A big thanks to all the lovely fans who opened their hearts and wallets for this worthy cause!

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Jaejoong: “Ji Sung is My Means of Support. Park Yoochun is My Means of Facing Reality”


Is it that the idol craze of the drama scene has cooled down a bit. Nowadays, projects that have veteran actors in the forefront are particularly pouring forth and ruling the drama scene. In the midst of this, it is curious as to whether JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is looking forward to his first drama debut will be able to have a smooth induction ceremony.

Kim Jaejoong begins in earnest the dual life of an artist and an actor through Protect the Boss which will air as a follow-up to City Hunter.

Kim Jaejoong, who has debuted in the entertainment scene through the first album of TVXQ Hug, has stepped up to the level of the very top of the singers of Korea through an active album life. However, he has mainly focused on his musical activities unlike many of his colleagues who are active in a variety of genres such as acting and singing after stepping out of the boundaries of their main careers. Therefore, he has had a bit of quiet disappointment from the fans.

Kim Jaejoong, excluding the Japanese activities, has only shown acting through the movie Heaven’s Postman in which he appeared with Han Hyoju in 2009. This is in contrast to how the other members of the team, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, has met with the fans on a variety of fronts through a variety of dramas and musicals. He has made the hearts of the fans who wanted to see his acting be dear for quite a while.

Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts as he faces the appearance in his first drama: “I have shown acting through my activities in Japan and also appearing in a movie. But when I look back it seems that there was nothing that was done properly. Further, even after appearing in the movie there was a gap of 2 years so I feel that I am acting for the first time now. I think it is (too much of) a desire to wish to win the Best New Actor Award through this drama. But I would like to receive the Perfect Attendance Award.”

It seems that there must be many worries with having his drama debut in front of him. But it is true that he feels solid thanks to the JYJ members and the long-time fans who are not sparing support with regards to his appearance in the drama.

Furthermore, Park Yoochun, who has gathered a substantial popularity with the public and also has been recognized in acting abilities through Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Miss Ripley, is his advice-giver on the reality-front.

Kim Jaejoong said: “Yoochun told me that ‘when you film the drama there will be many times when you stay awake for the night, so practice not sleeping.’” When Yoochun was filming the drama, even if I wanted to go away with him I could not ask him. Now I am filming so we cannot go again. When the drama ends I am thinking that I will take a trip maybe with the members.”

The solid supporters of Kim Jaejoong’s first appearance in a drama are not merely the members. The many sunbae actors who have come to appear together in Protect the Boss are also, instead of thinking him a risk, adding great strength. Among them, the sunbae actor Ji Sung, who is appearing in the film as a cousin of Kim Jaejoong, is someone that he can rest his heart on.

He expressed his thankful heart: “I have come to act with Ji Sung sunbae-nim for the first time through this drama. But we became close quickly, not long after we met. Of course in the set of filming but also behind the scenes, he takes care of me so well. Even on days when we do not have filming, he lets me know through texts or phone calls of the situation very well, and is considerate towards me so that I can step up to the pace.”

(Basic information about Protect the Boss Omitted)

Source: Dailian
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Jaejoong is the Lord of Giving Presentations XD. Received Standing Ovation On Tour


In the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss (hereafter, “Boss”), Kim Jaejoong showed off a great presentation. It is that Kim Jaejoong, who has taken on the role of the Director of the Headquarters Cha Muwon, with the nickname of Prince of Finance, has pulled off in a recent filming a superb presentation.

On the scene of the presentation that took place in mid-July in Sungnam City Hall Large Meeting Room, Kim Jaejoong did a practice after practice, analyzing the script and materials that were made up of jargon not used often in regular life and also checked his movements according to them.

When Sohn Junghyun PD gave a cue, Kim Jaejoong smoothly translated this into acting, without a single NG in front of the cast who made up the many executives in the drama. It was to the degree that even the production team was also shocked at such abilities at presentation from Jaejoong.

About this, an affiliate of the production gave a word: “Mr. Kim Jaejoong himself directed the concerts while he ran the World Tour Concert in 10 countries including the US, Canada, and the Asian countries, from April to June. There are times when he received standing ovations from the crew upon the end of the concert. Such a passion and deliberation seems to be carrying without change onto the drama filming as well.”

Kim Jaejoong’s presentation scene can be seen on the first airing of the drama, on August 3.

(Generic information about Protect the Boss omitted)

Source: MediainNews
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Kim Jaejoong Says, “I’ll Be Singing For The OST Of ‘Protect The Boss’”


On the 27th, the press conference of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ was held at the SBS Broadcasting Centre in Mokdong, Seoul. On this day, actors Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae were present at the press conference, making the place shine.

Kim Jaejoong, who will be debuting through this drama, is actually a member of the popular group JYJ. Fans have been very curious to see if Kim Jaejoong will participate in the OST of ‘Protect the Boss’. To this, Kim Jaejoong sparked the curiosity of many with the answer,“I’m planning on participating in the OST. But the finer details, like how many songs I’ll be singing, are a secret!”

In ‘Protect the Boss’, Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Cha Mu Won, the team leader and department head of DN Group’s second Business Strategy team. Though he’s cousins with Ji Hun(Ji Sung), he is so different from him and is considered the prince of the financial world, able to get along with the world and always a gentleman wherever he goes. A warm ‘Daddy Long-legs’ to Eun Seol(Choi Kang Hee), he is expected to become more charming as the drama goes on.

What will happen when a third-generation successor to a conglomerate and a person from the 880,000 Won generation (T/N: A term given to the Korean youth in their twenties who suffer from high unemployment rates) battle it out in the workplace? With the fun and joy that a romantic comedy should have, ‘Protect the Boss’ is also a mixture of a sweet and satirical melodrama that utilizes pathos. The refreshing and tasteful drama ‘Protect the Boss’ will be the production to follow ‘City Hunter’ and will begin airing on the 3rd of August at 9:50. It will air its first episode through SBS TV and SBS Gorilla and videos and photos from the press conference can be found on the drama’s official homepage(http://tv.sbs.co.kr/boss/).

Source: [enter news]
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‘One Night’ Holds An Interview With Ji Sung And Choi Kang Hee, Where Are Wang Ji Hae And Kim Jaejoong?

Will Kim Jaejoong appear on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’?

With Kim Jaejoong added to the cast of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’, his fans have been waiting to see if he’ll be appearing in variety and entertainment news programs. This is because Park Yoochun, who appeared in MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, was unable to do so and was swiftly swept up in controversy because of it.

Therefore, natural curiosity arose over whether Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Protect the Boss’ would appear on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’. Though the team of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ was present at the ‘Protect the Boss’ press conference, they held an interview with only Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee, who will be playing the two main characters.

Instead, the entertainment segment of the SBS program ‘Bae Giwan, Choi Young Ah and Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning’ has held an interview with all four leading roles including Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae. Also, Kim Jaejoong became a hot topic recently for appearing on a broadcasted radio for the first time in three years through SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School’.

Meanwhile, ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ wasn’t present at the press conference of ‘Miss Ripley’. Though it is normal for entertainment news programs to cover and promote their respective broadcasting company’s dramas, ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ didn’t do so, causing many to bring up the suspicion that the program was succumbing to external pressure.

Though the actors of dramas usually appear on variety shows of their drama’s broadcasting company, the appearance of ‘Miss Ripley”s team on ‘Come To Play’ was scrapped, causing the controversy to expand further.

Source: [newsen]
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Choi Kang Hee’s Know-how For Great Chemistry With Kim Jaejoong? “Act With The Mindset Of A Fan”


Actress Choi Kang Hee revealed that she has a special know-how when it comes to acting with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

The press conference of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ was held on the 13th floor of SBS’s Mokdong office at 2pm on the 27th.

After Photo Time, Choi Kang Hee met with the reporters and aroused their curiosity when she said, “I have a way of having great chemistry with Kim Jaejoong when filming for the drama.”

Choi Kang Hee plays the role of No Eun Seol, a woman with an unruly past as a high schooler who becomes Cha Ji Hun’s secretary and does her best to shape him into a proper businessman.

But Choi Kang Hee revealed that she has a special know-how for the many scenes in which she is seen looking up to Cha Mu Won(Kim Jaejoong), the ‘prince of the financial world’ who is a strong candidate for taking over the family business.

The actress stated, “In the drama, I have to look up to Jaejoong and act like I put him on the same level as God as my own ‘Mu-God’,” and “For these scenes, I pretend that my soul has become possessed by a JYJ fan and it works really well.”

When laughter from the reporters receded, Choi Kang Hee said, “I think he(Kim Jaejoong)’ll be able to get better at acting than he already is right now. Please watch over him with affection.”

‘Protect the Boss’, which became a hot topic for its cast that includes Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong, Ji Sung and Wang Ji Hae, will begin airing on the 3rd of August at 9:55pm as the production to follow ‘City Hunter’.

Source: [My Daily]
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Kim Jaejoong’s Chinese fans provided 4,000,000 won worth of food at filming site


Chinese fans provided the staff with food for 100 people in order to provide support for Kim Jaejoong who will take part in the new SBS drama “Protect the Boss”,.

On July 30th filming for “Protect the Boss”, Chinese fans paid a visit and provided the staff with food for 100 people, equivalent pricing of 4,000,000 won.

Especially since “Go with you, never stop” was written on the salad, sandwich, and all other food packing.

The members of this fanclub asked the staff to take good care of Jaejoong.

The producer expressed: “Last time filming at Lotte World, I felt surprised with the countless fans coming from abroad, this time they came here, providing food us sincerely with food, I felt Jaejoong’s popularity really is huge.”

source nate
credit: 东方神起中文网CB家族
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Jaejoong’s Perfect Suit Fashion Garners Attention


On the 1st, on the photo bulletin of the home page of the new Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss, Kim Jaejoong with a clean-cut look.

Kim Jaejoong shows off a suit fashion that is perfectly equipped, to the tie. He has taken the role of Cha Muwon, who is the director of the headquarters and also the leader of the business strategy Team 2 of C Group. He is attracting popularity even before the drama’s airing, and is called “Cha Director” which is the shortened form of “Cha Muwon Director of the Headquarters.”

In the revealed photo, Kim Jaejoong is showing off a stormy charisma in a black hair style and fitted in a black suit. In particular, Kim Jaejoong’s serious expression as if he has caused himself to become absorbed into the role is eye-catching.

The netizens who were exposed to the photo responded: “I want to work under Director Cha,” “He is the end-all of all suit fashions,” and “I am so excited for Protect the Boss.”

On the other hand, the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama that will have Ji Sung, Choi Kanghee, and Wang Jihye other than Kim Jaejoong will air starting on the 3rd, 9:55pm.

Source: Star Today
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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“Protect the Boss” already receiving lovecalls in many countries


The drama “Protect the Boss” is gaining lots of interest overseas already, recently reported as becoming a hot topic on Chinese video sites.

SBS Contents Hub, which is in charge of exporting dramas overseas, explained on August 5th that there is a huge amount of interest overseas for “Protect the Boss”. The drama is currently at the center of attention in the Asian market. SBS also stated that they are currently in the midst of negotiations for distributing the drama overseas.

According to SBS Contents Hub, most of Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and so on and so forth are expressing their interest in airing “Protect the Boss” in their own countries.

“Protect the Boss” is a drama about a secretary, Noh Eunsul, who is hired to work for a useless 2nd generation rich boy, Cha Jihun. This drama had already been a topic of interest before its airing because JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who had a successful acting debut in the drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, would be acting in it. On top of that, this drama has received a great response for its first 2 episodes.

Usually when looking to import a drama, they look at the viewer ratings after it has been airing for a while. However, in this case, this drama is already gaining love calls after only airing 2 episodes.

source: ENews24
credit: koreaboo
Boss’s Choi Kanghee Reveals Photos With Ji Sung – Kim Jaejoong. Mood Maker


The romantic comedy queen Choi Kanghee of the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss is producing photos and is becoming the talk of the town. Protect the Boss, which aired for the first time on the 3rd, is unfolding the story of the newbie secretary Eunsul and the delinquent third generation chaebol Ji Sung. Within two episodes its ratings are nearing 18% (AGB Neilseon Seoul Standard) and is gathering huge popularity.

In a shooting that recently took place in a theme park, Choi Kanghee wearing a cute hair band with leopard prints took photos one by one of the fellow actors and staff with a tablet PC and is gathering the attention of the town.

At the time, Choi Kanghee in the role of the secretary Eunsul had received the order in the drama from Park Youngkyu playing CEO Cha: “Make a plan to make the theme park into a top-ranked one in the Asian region.” Therefore, she was filming in the scene in which she was inspecting the theme park with Ji Sung playing Jihun, a director of the headquarters, and the hands-on staff.

However, it is that she began to take photos of not merely Sohn Junghyun PD but also Ji Sung, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Jihye, and staff whenever she had free time. In particular, she would decide the poses the actors should take, saying such things as “please make a V-sign” and “now, Mr. Ji Sung should hide behind the wall,” and heard from the production crew that “she should become the film director now that she’s at it.” The customers of the theme park who were visiting at the time also enjoyed the scene, saying “the super-young-faced Kanghee is super cute,” and “Kanghee looks like the mood maker of the filming set.”

On the other hand, Protect the Boss which will have the scenes in which Ji Sung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang Jihye do market research in the theme park can be met by the viewers on the coming 10th and 11th at 9:55pm.

Source: OSEN
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Jaejoong — An Acting Genius? The Top Topic of “Boss” is: Who Will Heal Cha Muwon?


Who will heal Kim Jaejoong?

Cha Muwon, who is definitely the antagonist at first glance. The screen time has not been very great and he has also revealed some evil streaks of his own. But the hearts of the fans are focusing on such a Cha Muwon’s pains.

In the second episode of the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on August 4, Cha Muwon put Cha Juhun in danger. He came to understand that Cha Jihun has panic disorder, and to use that knowledge against Jihun he made him give a speech on a podium.

Cha Jihun, as so planned by Cha Muwon, fell into a panic while giving the speech and ran out in the middle of the speech. Many people clicked their tongues, saying: “To think that such a man is the successor to the group.” Cha Muwon is expected to have been happy with the result on the inside. Furthermore, since Jihun’s symptoms coincided with the appearance of Seo Nayun, it seems that there is some kind of a secret in hiding. Cha Muwon and Seo Nayun had a plan unbeknownst to others. Going by the sharp gaze that Cha Muwon displayed in front of Park Youngkyu in secret, it seemed certain that he planned to push out Cha Jihun to take control of the group. As a part of the plan, Cha Muwon even situated Noh Eunsul as Jihun’s secretary. In all the world, is there another such a villain?

Despite all this, the fans are questioning on the official home page bulletin: “Who will heal the wounds of Cha Muwon?” In fact, that opinion is making up most of (the opinions on) the official website. It seems that they focused on the wounds that is hiding behind the evil. Kim Jaejoong has conveyed many messages relative to his screen time—is it that he is an acting genius? Or is it devotion of the fans towards JYJ who is said to be facing much trouble recently? Going by the countless support(ive messages) that poured out to Park Yoochun in Miss Ripley, the possibility that it is the latter seems high. To give a chance for an actor who has wounds to express such wounds on screen? If the production crew calculated down to such a point, then their casting can be said to have hit the mark 120%.

On the other hand, some netizens are voicing the opinion of: ‘Please (better) control the skin tone of Kim Jaejoong (by refraining from tone-down makeup).”

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: JYJ
Jaejoong Effect: SBS Says Level of Interest Like an Explosion, Whole of Asia Looking to Import

JYJ Kim Jaejoong Effect? SBS Says: The Whole of Asia Examining Importation


The SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss is already receiving heated interest from abroad.

SBS Contents Hub, in charge of exporting overseas its programs, relayed on the 5th the inspiring situation: “The level of interest from overseas for Protect the Boss is, really, on the level of an explosion. Currently it is the work that is being most paid attention to in all of the Asian market. We are in the middle of intimate negotiations with many distributors in each countries with regards to the importation.”

SBS Contents Hub revealed: “Currently, the whole of Asia — Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and such—are pouring interest on Protect the Boss and inquiries are flooding in.”

Protect the Boss, which portrays the story that unfolds when the newbie secretary Noh Eunsul is hired as the delinquent chaebol Cha Jihun, became the topic of interest even prior to the airing due to the meeting of Ji Sung and Choi Kanghee. On top of this, due to the news that the group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, who has had a successful debut ceremony through the Japanese drama Sunao Ni Narenakute, the heated interest of the overseas market became even stronger. Furthermore, the response of the viewers after the first airing had been positive.

Normally, it is custom to decide on whether to import a piece after looking at the ratings in the country and the popularity among the viewers. However, even though Protect the Boss has only aired 2 episodes so far, it is receiving love calls from all over Asia.

Compiled from: ENews24 and Money Today
Translation Credit: JYJ3
During An Interview With Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee Says, “Kim Jaejoong’s The Good-Looking One


On the 3rd, Choi Kang Hee appeared on the SBS entertainment news program ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ with her fellow actor Ji Sung from the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’.

Choi Kang Hee and Ji Sung acted out a hypothetical scene in which she was a radio DJ and he was her guest.

After greeting Ji Sung brightly like a real DJ, Choi Kang Hee asked, “I heard that you’re acting alongside a beautiful actress in your new drama?” But Ji Sung looked slightly taken aback and gave a sparse answer of “Yes. I’m filming with the beautiful actress Choi Kang Hee,” and ruffled her feathers.

To this, Choi Kang Hee showed a hurt reaction and said, “Goodbye.” She made those around her smile as she said, “If someone doesn’t like me, it’s better to just let them go.”

Changing roles with each other, they continued the hypothetical scene with Ji Sung as the DJ this time. After greeting Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung asked, “Ms. Choi Kang Hee, I heard that you’re filming your drama with a good-looking actor these days.” To this Choi Kang Hee said, “Yes, YoungWoong Jaejoong,” and embarrassed Ji Sung, making everyone laugh again.

Source: [Mydaily]
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Kim Jaejoong Of ‘Protect The Boss’ Says, “Thank You For The Favorable Reviews”


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who has transformed into a successor to a conglomerate, thanked his fans for the favorable reviews and revealed that he feels more greedy about his acting.

In the first episode of SBS TV’s ‘Protect the Boss’ that aired on the 3rd, Kim Jaejoong has received favorable reviews for his role as Cha Mu Won, the successor to a conglomerate. To this, Kim Jaejoong said through his agency, “I’m deeply grateful for the favorable reviews that I’ve been getting from our viewers.”

He continued to add, “But hearing these reviews makes me feel even more greedy about my acting skills,” and “I’ll work harder and try harder to receive a better response.”

Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Cha Ji Hun(Ji Sung)’s cousin and rival in ‘Protect the Boss’. He is depicted as the object of affection for the women at his workplace as a department head.

He then chose No Eun Seol(Choi Kang Hee), who criticized her interviewers for judging her on her academic scores and not giving her a chance to talk, as a special employee, making all the other female workers envious of her.

Source: [TV Report]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
This Is Expected?’ Well-Mannered Hands Of Male Stars – Ji Sung And Kim Jaejoong


‘Well-mannered hands’ talk about the effort male stars make to not touch the bodies of their female counterparts as much as possible, even when they’re in close contact, in order to respect the female stars. They’ve been used mostly by male stars who act alongside actresses.

After the ‘well-mannered hands in subways’ controversy occurred, ‘Style M’ released a batch of photos for “‘This is expected?’ A collection of male stars and their well-mannered hands’. Choi Daniel, Kim Hee Chul, Lee Seung Gi, Jung Il Woo, Kim Myung Min and Song Chang Ui garnered great attention from many. Stars’ well-mannered hands have recently become an issue once more. Who could there be?

Recently, a post was made on an online community titled, ‘These are well-mannered hands! Kim Jong Guk’ and showed a photo of Kim Jong Guk with Jiyeon on his back. In the photo, Kim Jong Guk is seen with various versions of well-mannered hands, either having them holding Jiyeon up with his hands placed lightly on her legs or in front of his stomach with minimal contact.

Park Shi Hoo, who made a recent comeback as an actor with ‘The Princess’ Man’ took a photo with Park Shi Yeon, Nam Gyuri and Lee Sung Min at a party recently. The actor showcased well-mannered hands by not putting his hand on Lee Sung Min’s back as she was wearing an outfit that revealed the skin on her back.

Actor Lee Dong Wook had well-mannered hands when he didn’t come into physical contact with Kim Sun Ah as they held various poses at the press conference of ‘Scent of a Woman’. At the press conference of ‘Protect the Boss’, Ji Sung and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong awkwardly linked arms with Wang Ji Hae.

It isn’t only female stars that male stars are using well-mannered hands with. Project group ‘Homme’ garnered much attention when well-mannered hands were used within their group. 2AM’s Changmin was seen using well-mannered hands on Lee Hyun, making it look like his hands were touching his counterpart when they actually weren’t.

Source: [style m]
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Jaejoong Reading Boss Script in Cuteness + Great Teamwork Among Boss Cast!

Captured– Ji Sung and Choi Kanghee Practicing Boss Script with Heads Together


The great variety with which the leads of the drama Protect the Boss read the script is the talk of the town.

Protect the Boss which aired as the follow-up to City Hunter is gathering popularity with the much-happening episodes of Noh Eunsul, part of the poor/unemployed generation, becoming the secretary of Cha Jihun, the delinquent 3rd generation chaebol.

In the middle of this, the leads’ reading of the script in seriousness and cuteness in their own different ways have been caught and are drawing the eye.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong wore a Mickey Mouse hair band in the theme park filming and flipped through his script cutely.

The production crew revealed: “Boss gathered popularity as soon as it was aired. Behind this phenomenon was the hidden effort by the actors who, like this, did not put down the script from their hands. In particular, the actors are all close friends and have great team work so that they are giving each other aid unsparingly.”

[Parts unrelated to Jaejoong omitted]

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Jaejoong’s OST, Lyrics Written by JJ, To Be Revealed On Tonight’s Airing of Boss


I Will Protect You, the OST to Protect the Boss that is sung by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, is being revealed.

Kim Jaejoong has taken on the role of the Prince of the Financial World Cha Muwon, who is the cousin to Cha Jihun, in the SBS TV Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss and is receiving praises.

In the middle of this, Kim Jaejoong himself has written the lyrics for and sung I Will Protect You, a song that has the hearts of the leads who are in a curious rectangular relationship.

An affiliate of the drama productions relayed his anticipations: “As befitting of a member of JYJ well known as a vocal group, Kim Jaejoong finished the recording splendidly, with his melting voice and a singing ability unique to him. Because the lead himself wrote the lyrics, I think this song will help hugely to define the emotional line of the drama.”

Kim Jaejoong has already become recognized in his abilities as a singer-song writer through JYJ’s self-composed songs and also in having participated as executive director to JYJ’s world tour. I Will Protect You, in which Kim Jaejoong participated, will be revealed on the airing of the 10th, the 3rd episode.

I Will Protect You will become revealed through portal music sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Soribada, Naver, Daum, and Cyworld as soon as the end of the airing on the 10th, at midnight.

On the other hand, Protect the Boss is a sweet and thrilling “Tame the Delinquent Boss Project” that is unfolded as the rookie secretary Noh Eunsul meets the delinquent second generation chaebol boss Cha Jihun.

Source: TVReport; Chosun
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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Asia Has Its Eyes On ‘Protect The Boss’… Reviewing Options To Import The Drama


It has been found that SBS’ drama ‘Protect the Boss’ has been receiving much attention from overseas countries.

SBS Contents Hub, which is in charge of exporting SBS programs, stated, “The overseas attention that is currently on ‘Protect the Boss’ is explosive,” and “‘Protect the Boss’ is receiving the most attention out of all dramas in the Asian market. We are currently in close talks with overseas distributing agencies who wish to import ‘Protect the Boss’ into their countries.”

Inquiries are flooding in from Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines for ‘Protect the Boss’.

With the casting of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who is experiencing explosive popularity all over Asia, to act alongside Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee, overseas distributing companies began taking interest in the drama, and as the reviews were great from the start, they have been taking into consideration the option of importing ‘Protect the Boss’.

Most of the time, the decision to import a drama as made after it has finished airing in its respective country to see the rise and fall of its viewer ratings, but ‘Protect the Boss’ is expected to be exported after only two episodes as both the viewer ratings and the reviews from its viewers have been favorable.

Source: [city newspaper]
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“Because You Went About Everywhere Dripping in Seductive Sex…” Jaejoong’s Love Triangle in Boss Revealed


The love triangle with Cha Jihun, Seo Nayun, and Cha Muwon has been revealed. On the 3rd episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on August 10, the behind story of the love triangle with Cha Jihun, Seo Nayun, and Cha Muwon was revealed.

Seo Nayun reunited with Cha Muwon first. The two met initially for business and continued in a private conversation. Seo Nayun evaluated: “Because you went about everywhere dripping in seductive sex, our relationship was one that fooled around thanks to hormones.”
Continuing, Seo Nayun revealed her intention to “go back to Cha Jihun.” It was implied that Seo Nayun, while in a relationship with Cha Jihun, shared a physical relationship with Cha Muwon.

Seo Nayun was intending to reunite with Cha Jihun. But Cha Jihun who met with Seo Nayun did not show a particular reaction. At the cold response by Cha Jihun, Seo Nayun acted as if nonchalant but turned around to shed black tears.

Cha Jihun let Seo Nayun go and fell into contemplation alone. He lost himself while remembering the time of happiness with Seo Nayun. This implied that all relationships are not at an end yet.

On the other hand, Cha Muwon’s mother had a conversation with Seo Nayun’s mother about the marriages of their children and announced the love triangle of the three that is not yet finished.

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Jaejoong’s Professionalism Leads Him to Re-Record Despite Others’ Deep Satisfaction


Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong participated in an OST for Protect the Boss, a drama in which he is appearing. Recently, Kim Jaejoong playing the role of the Prince of the Financial World Cha Muwon in the SBS Wed-Thursday drama special Protect the Boss wrote the lyrics of its OST Part 3 and himself sang it.

An affiliate of the drama’s production company relayed his anticipations: “As befitting of a member of JYJ well known as a vocal group, Kim Jaejoong finished the recording splendidly, with his melting voice and a singing ability unique to him. Because the lead himself wrote the lyrics, I think this song will help hugely to define the emotional line of the drama.”

An affiliate of the SBS Contents Hub, which produced the OST for Protect the Boss, relayed: “Through this recording of the OST, we were able to confirm once again Kim Jaejoong’s professional side.”
It is that Kim Jaejoong, despite having done a recording that the affiliates were extremely satisfied with, expressed the opinion in the midst of the busy drama filming schedule: “I am not satisfied. I wish to record once more.” He did so despite being fatigued in mind and body and also suffering from lack of sleep.

I Will Protect You which was re-recorded was born into a song with an even higher degree of completion. At such a Kim Jaejoong, the affiliates sent a round of applause.

Source: XsportsNews; Seoul Shinmun NTN
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Jaejoong and Ji Sung’s Immature Shoulder Fight in “Boss” Draws Laughs


Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong showed an immature body-fight by showing off a “shoulder-hit” over the position of the next Boss. In the 3rd episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 19th, CEO Cha held an intimate meeting by inviting only the family and formally announced that he “will institute Cha Jihun as the successor.”

At this, Shin Sukhee expressed her anger at the fact that her son Muwon could not be the successor. At this, CEO Cha asked: “I am not saying let’s make him the successor now. I am saying—please help, please become his strength.”

But Shin Sukhee responded coldly. Cha Muwon, whose contribution to the company was great, also showed a reaction that showed that he believed the decision to be ridiculous.

Despite this, CEO Cha showed an attitude that was unyielding. At this, Cha Jihun became to involve himself with hands-on training and receive successor-education.

But Cha Muwon, who was feeling as twisted as can be, ran after Cha Jihun to hand him a compliment that was not in his heart—“congratulations.” Cha Jihun who realized this responded: “Be straight with me.”
At this, Cha Muwon poked fun: “I think CEO Cha is spending too much company funds in order to institute his son as successor. In all frankness, you have no interest in work.” Cha Jihun poured out his spite: “I have no interest but I won’t entrust it to you. You look like (you will have) secret funds and commit tax fraud.”

At the end of the verbal fight, Cha Muwon went forward pushing Cha Jihun’s shoulder. The two kept squabbling, for instance running from far away in order to hit the other’s shoulder harder, and showed such immaturity.

On the other hand, Cha Jihun reunited with Seo Nayun to add excitement to the unfolding of the story.

Source: Financial News
Translation Credit: JYJ3

The Power of “Protect the Boss”! Claims Number One Ratings in it’s 2nd Week Only


SBS’s drama “Protect the Boss” (Screenwriter Kwon Ki Young, Director Son Jung Hyun) has reached number one in viewer ratings.

With it’s debut broadcast on August 3rd, Romantic Comedy “Protect the Boss” (also known as “Boss”) stars the secretary with only 88,000 won in her account Noh EunSul (Choi KangHee), and a spoiled 3rd generation chaebol Cha JiHeon (JiSung), with the episodes of comic suffering from the secretary being a popular draw to the audience. In fact, after the broadcast of the drama’s 3rd episode on August 10th, the TNmS audience rating station found the national ratings [for Protect the Boss] to be 15.3%, beating KBS’s “The Princess’ Man”, which received a 13.9% rating, and claiming first place in the daily rating charts. Also, the ratings for “Boss” in the Seoul Metropolitan Area was recorded as 18.3%, reflecting a great audience interest.

The drama was first broadcast on August 3rd recording ratings of 12.1% for nationwide and 14.5% for Seoul Metropolitan, and the reruns for the episode gained much attention for bringing in the highest ratings for a rerun of a debut broadcast.

On the following day, the 4th, episode 2 recorded ratings of 13.4% nationwide and 16.3% Seoul Metropolitan, coming second right behind KBS’ “The Princess’ Man”. On August 7th, the reruns of this episode received ratings of 9% nationwide and 10% Seoul Metropolitan, drawing in a huge audience and beating many of the regular weekend shows.

And finally, the broadcast of the 3rd episode on August 10th beat out The Princess’ Man for the first place rating, winning the war of ratings between them on only its second week.

The crew stated “Protect the Boss’s story as well as the bond between the four main actors, Jisung. Choi KangHee, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang JiHye, help raise our ratings. From now on, please expect the actors and staff of ‘The Boss’ to continue working hard and earnestly”.

Source: SBS Entertainment News via Nate
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Choi Kang Hee calls Jaejoong ‘God’ in ‘Protect the Boss’


Choi Kang Hee gained attention for reportedly calling JYJ’s Jaejoong ‘Muneunim’, a combination of his character’s name and the word for God (Haneunim), in Korean.

On July 27th, the cast of SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss‘ attended a special press conference for their new drama.

At the press conference, actress Choi Kang Hee revealed her relationship with the character played by Jaejoong and stated, “Kim Jaejoong is like my mentor in the drama. I even call him ‘Muneunim’.”

She added, “When I’m acting with Kim Jaejoong, I act as if I have the mind and hearts of his fans. With that mindset, the acting became a lot easier.”

In ‘Protect the Boss’, Choi Kang Hee plays ‘Noh Eun Sul’, an unemployed woman who suddenly becomes the secretary of a rebellious boss, played by Ji Sung.

She also complimented Jaejoong by saying, “He is handsome and works hard. If we just let him be, I think he’ll act as well as anyone else.”

‘Protect the Boss’ will replace ‘City Hunter‘ and will hit the airways on August 3rd.

Source: Xports News via Nate
Translation by: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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